Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Memere

Where do I start? My Memere is strong, feisty, and a little rough around the edges. Well, let's just say she doesn't always think before she speaks. But, she has wonderful stories about how she grew up on the farm, worked in a bottle cap factory, and how she raised her eight children. I love visiting her, and seeing her interact with my children. It really is a full circle moment for me. I sometimes can't believe that I used to sit in her lap and she would rock me to sleep, she would hold my hand when we walked down the street, and I would sit at her dinner table for lunch. Now she does the same things with my children, her great-grandchildren. When I was over her house last Sunday, I noticed her hands. They were amazing. They not only showed her age, but her strength, her wisdom, her courage, her hard work, and her LIFE.

Thanks for all the lessons, stories, and love you have shown and taught me.


risa said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for helping us to stop and remember the things that really matter.

CAPow! said...

so beautiful.